College in Europe 101

Jennifer covers all the bases about college in Europe in this presentation.

Choosing the Right Program

Jennifer discusses the factors that should weigh into your program choice. This information will pertain both to bachelor’s and master’s prospective students. Europe. Open Q&A followed the presentation.

Master’s Degree in Europe Overview

Join Jennifer for an overview of available English-taught master’s degrees in Europe.

Interview with University College Groningen Admissions Counsellor

On her most recent trip to the Netherlands, Jennifer met with Nynke-Boudien, Admissions Counsellor, to discuss a variety of areas of interest to potential attendees.

College Options in Belgium and the Netherlands

Known as the “low countries”, Belgium and the Netherlands have some excellent options for international students to take advantage of. Come learn about the educational opportunities in these countries.

College Program Choices in Europe

Interested in going to college in Europe but not sure if what you want to study is available over there? This is the webinar for you.

College in the Nordic Countries

This session is a deep dive into Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, and Denmark. Learn about why these countries should be on the list if you’re considering college in Europe.

Housing & Student Life

Jennifer Viemont discusses various aspects of housing and student life for international students attending college in Europe.

BTS Database Tour

Beyond the States members gain access to the proprietary database of over 1,500 English-taught bachelor’s programs in Europe along with information on the schools, the cities and much more. This session shows you what’s behind that curtain.

College Admissions Process in Europe

Description: Join Jennifer Viemont, International Education Consultant, for a talk on the differences between the admissions process in the US vs. Europe. The call is 55 minutes in duration.

College in Europe Information Night

In the fall of 2016, Beyond the States held information sessions in selected cities. Jennifer told the assembled crowds about why we’re sending our kids to college in Europe and why they should consider it, too. She talks about the cost difference, the quality of the schools, housing, admissions and more. If you’ve wanted to get the whole “college in Europe” story condensed into an hour, you need to watch this.

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