Podcast: 529 Plans and the Ins & Outs of Financial Aid

Title: 529 Plans and the Ins and Outs of US Federal Student Loans for College in Europe


Jenn talks with Mark Kantrowitz, a leading expert on financing a student’s college education. Mark is currently Publisher of PrivateStudentLoans.guru, a web site that provides students with smart borrowing tips about private student loans get no credit check personal loan. Mark has served previously as publisher of the Cappex.com, Edvisors, Fastweb and FinAid web sites. He has previously been employed at Just Research, the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Bitstream Inc. and the Planning Research Corporation site https://xn--smln-coab.com/.

Mark is President of Cerebly, Inc. (formerly MK Consulting, Inc.), a consulting firm focused on computer science, artificial intelligence, sikisxxx.net and statistical and policy analysis.

Guest: Mark Kantrowitz


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