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college-ahead We’ve spent a good amount of time thinking about the best way to serve our members. We realize that people have different needs ways of interacting with our content. We feel strongly about serving multiple groups within our community. We know some are self-starters or are just beginning their investigation. We also realize that once you decide to go to college in Europe, there are many things to work out. We’ve seen clients benefit from a “higher touch” level of service as they get closer to leaving. We’ve also used information gathered from how our current members are using our services, so that there is something for everyone. You can find the details about what each package includes as well as pricing on our membership page, but I want to take a little time to discuss some of the highlights as well as to give our suggestions on how to use the different packages.

The first thing I want to note is that each package (except Independent Study) includes a customized list of “good fit” programs. When you join at the Honor Roll level and higher, you will receive a questionnaire that asks about interests, qualifications, personality, preferences and such. Based on this information, I provide you with a short list of programs I think you should check out. How many programs depends on how specific your requirements are. Since the database has more than 1,500 options, this can help answer the questions “Where do I start”?

Additionally, two of our packages also include a number of professional service hours. Note that this is not broken down into a number of sessions because it is completely personalized to your needs and situation. Some members benefit most from several short calls. Some benefit more from email contact. Others prefer to use the time for me to dig deeper to find answers to more specific information than is found on our database. When you join, you identify what you would like to use the services to achieve and we customize the service hours to best meet those needs.

Membership Levels

The Independent Study level is great for people who are just starting their research. Perhaps you have kids who are in 9th grade or younger and just want to get an idea of what is out there. It’s also suitable for students and families who are highly motivated and comfortable with unfamiliar processes. If you’re completely new to this idea, you may want to take advantage of our 6 month option (link). Like all our memberships, this renews unless you cancel it. In addition to database access, Independent Study members can join our Monthly Q&A calls to get answers to questions that come up. Of course, you always have the option of starting here and upgrading to a higher level, if you need more personalized guidance.

The Honor Roll is a step up from Independent Study and provides a good starting point for students and their families with the addition of the list of good fit programs. As mentioned above, the Honor Roll level includes a list of good fit schools along with the one year of database access and the monthly Q&A calls.

The Salutatorian level is my favorite. Along with the year of database access, monthly Q&A calls, and the customized list of good fit programs, it includes 3 hours of personalized services. The Honor Roll level is great for students who want to be able to process. This level enables students to receive answers about their individual situations, get feedback about the schools they are considering, develop a plan for the admissions and receive assistance with the application/motivation letter. Like the other levels, additional hours can be purchased on an as needed basis.

Timing of Memberships

I would suggest doing the Independent Study level during the freshman year to get an idea of what is out there and whether or not you want to keep your options open for the countries that require American students to have some advanced qualifications (like a certain number of AP courses). Sophomore year I would advise the Honor Roll level, as it’s a good tigraduation me to have a bit more structured way to consider the choices and process. Depending on the students motivation and independence, I would suggest the Honor Roll or Salutatorian Level for junior year. Some students just want a starting place, others need a system for the year that they can put in place with tweaks and check-ins as the year goes on.

From time to time we hear from people who are older than the traditional student age asking if they college in Europe is a possibility for them. The answer is “Yes”. Some schools even have student residences that accommodate families. You may have a few more hoops to jump through related to getting visas, but it’s definitely possible. Once you determine the schools you are interested in, you can look at the visa information for those particular countries.

We’re excited to bring these levels that simplify the choices and provide an option for everyone. We are committed to providing value to our members and think our new packages reflect that commitment. We look forward to working with you!

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