Thinking of the US for College? Did you know Europe is a better choice?

Did you know there are more than 300 accredited schools in continental Europe that offer over 1,700 full bachelor’s degree programs-taught entirely in English. The average tuition for international students is around $7,000 per year with hundreds of options under $4,000/year and 50 options that are tuition free!

Learn about the sensible European admissions process vs. the US admissions, gain a competitive edge in future earnings and employment, and save well over $100,000!

Topics Covered in this Free Webinar include:

  • Why Europe is a better choice than the US for international students
  • The admissions requirements for international students in Europe
  • How to assess the educational quality beyond the rankings
  • Educational differences in Europe
  • How a degree from Europe will impact future employment opportunities
  • Student life and housing in Europe
  • Secondary benefits
  • Open Q&A
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Join us for our upcoming free webinar on how you, too, can attend college in Europe. The webinar is Sunday, 29 April at [6 AM Eastern/your local time].

The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A.

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Why Go To College In Europe?

Did you know that there are over 700 universities in Europe that offer a total of 7030 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs taught entirely in English? The benefits around these options are many.

Tuition In Europe Is Affordable

There are more than hundreds of programs that cost less than $4,000 per year and 50 options that are tuition free-even to international students!

Opt Out Of The Rat Race!

The admissions requirements in Europe are much more transparent with a focus on whether the applicant has the qualities needed to succeed.

You Can Earn Your Degree Faster

Most bachelor’s programs are just 3 or 3.5 years and master’s programs are 1-2.

Gain an Advantage In The Job Market

Studying abroad for longer periods of time had a direct impact on job offers and career advancement according to a study from the IIE.

Learn A Lot About A Little Instead
Of A Little About A Lot

Education is more specialized so your general education requirements are related to your field of study.

Opportunities To Explore The World

Instead of heading to Florida for Spring Break, you could check out the beaches in Italy or Southern France!

About Beyond The States

Jennifer Viemont,
Founder of BTS

You’ve decided to go overseas. Or maybe you’re just checking out your options. Either way you need a trusted advisor to help you understand how to get from here to there. Beyond the States is a single, comprehensive source for all the accredited, English-taught bachelor’s and master’s programs in continental Europe.

Tom Viemont,
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What Parents & Students Say

Beyond the States members include parents and students at varied stages of the
college exploration and admissions process. Here are some of their experiences.

“BTS has helped our family by providing a well-organized website, comprehensive data base and up to date webinars have unveiled the mystery of the galaxy of non-UK based European Colleges offering courses to Americans.”

Bruno, parent, New York

“BTS has been extremely helpful with my college search. They helped with searching for colleges that would fit me and also helped me through the application process. I am very grateful for all of the guidance that I have received.”

Sophie, 17, Michigan

“Beyond the States made something that was just a pipe dream into a reality! College in Europe seems so fanciful, but your database made it realistic and, even better, accessible. I really appreciate you!”

Jennifer, 25, Oregon

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